Hello beauties!

Many of you asked me on Instagram  to create a make-up look or two and post about the products used on my blog. What better time to do that than in December, right? I created a glamorous look that you can re-create for many occasions in December (from parties and celebrations to intimate dates with your significant other). I teamed up with Nee Makeup Milano Slovenia (Professional Make Up) and mostly used their products for this look. I will show you  all the products I used and you can order  them here (click).

The first two products I used are the Sensory Mousse Matte Foundation (Oil Free) in shade M0 and the Loose Powder. I genuinely love these two products since I discovered that they work on 90% of my clients (I work as a freelance make-up artist). The Sensory Mousse makes your skin flawless, porcelain-like and has a matte finish. The loose powder is also amongst the best ones (I also tried Laura Merciers’ transcluscent powder and I like both, only that the Nee one is quite cheaper).


You know how I crazy I am about the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter, right? Well, there actually is one product that I like slightly better. It is the Mr. StrobeI have been using it since my first make-up class. My teacher always said that it is my most significant and used product and I absolutely agree. For me, there is no finished look without a little highlighter and glam! The second product on the picture is the Blush Cotto blusher in shade X2. I am not a fan of blushes, I rarely use them but this one matches quite nice with my lips and eyes.
For the eyes I used the Formidable Eyeshadow Trio (the pigmentation of which has swept me off my feet), the Kajal pencil and the Deep Black Extension mascara. I used the red shade in the corner of my eyes and the bright shade on the rest part and under my brows. I used the dark shade on my lower lashes. Be careful to blend everything out to create a smooth look (use a rounder, soft brush).
And finally, for the lips I used the Miracle Lip Pencil with Hyaluronic Acid and the Matte Lipstick in shade Tina RedThe lip pencil shapes the lips without leaving any trace and it also works as a sort of lip-primer. And now let’s talk about that lipstick shade…I think it is more than amazing! I used a bit of transparent powder to fix it and that way it also lasts longer.
And now onto the look I created:

So, this is my first make-up finished. What do you think? Do you like the look? Would you like me to do more posts like that? Let me know in the comments below. Big big festive kiss from me to you.

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